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Enrollment for preschool and grades 1-9!

Welcome to the innovative perspective school, which has the highest standards in providing engineering, technological and artistic education.


Registracija į priešmokyklines
ir 1-8 klases!

Welcome to the innovative perspective school, which has the highest standards in providing engineering, technological and artistic education.


Registracija į priešmokyklines
ir 1-8 klases!

Welcome to the innovative perspective school, which has the highest standards in providing engineering, technological and artistic education.


Mokykla Antakalnyje

Patogi lokacija atvykstant iš įvairių Vilniaus rajonų. Mokykla įkurta vaizdingoje Antakalnio vietovėje, apsupta gamtos.

Šiuolaikiška mokymosi aplinka

Mokykloje įrengtos modernios mokymosi erdvės: STEAM centras – inžinerijos klasė, IT klasė, gamtos mokslų laboratorija, erdvios klasės su ergonomiškais baldais ir interaktyviais ekranais, žaidimų ir sporto aikštelė, ir dar daugiau.

Kembridžo programa

Mokykloje vaikai mokosi pagal pasaulyje pripažintą, akredituotą tarptautinę Kembridžo programą. Programa padeda mokiniams tobulinti dalykines žinias, lavina konceptualų supratimą, ugdo aukštesniojo mąstymo gebėjimus.

Kompetentingi mokytojai

Mokykloje dirba kompetentingi ir profesionalūs mokytojai, taikantys šiuolaikinius mokymo(si) metodus. Mokytojai dirba pagal Vitlio specialistų sudarytą šiuolaikinės kokybiškos pamokos standartą.


Vitlio licėjuje itin didelis dėmesys skiriamas tiksliesiems mokslams: inžinerijai, matematikai ir technologijoms, akcentuojama meno kryptis. Vaikams čia suteikiamos visos galimybės siekti 21 a. kompetencijų,
ugdyti loginį mąstymą.

Inovatyvios programos

Mokymo programos vykdomos pasitelkiant inovatyvias bei išmanias priemones. Siekiame, kad Vitlio licėjaus mokiniai laisvai veiktų naujųjų medijų ir skaitmeninių technologijų lauke. Taip pat taikytų mokslo, technologijų žinias ir gebėjimus panaudodami šiuolaikines priemones: robotų programavimą, papildytos realybės programas, interaktyvius ekranus ir pan.

Why is it worth becoming one of the “Vitlis”?




Child-directed approach


Development of thinking skills


Our teachers


The environment which inspires a desire to learn


Our Culture

This is your child's ticket to
a modern education!

about us

Moments at
"Vitlio licėjus"

Every day is like a brilliant adventure of exploration and experimentation.
We learn to get to know ourselves and the environment, strengthen mutual relations and seek knowledge creatively.


Provide your child with a comprehensive, modern education in a motivating, development-encouraging environmentPlease fill up our application form for admission, and we will contact you on the next business day.


    You’ll find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions in one place.
    Usually, it consists of about 20 students.
    Homework is not assigned in elementary grades because we believe a child has to perceive the taught subject at school. Yet, homework is mandatory in primary school.

    Since September 2016, pre-school education for children in Lithuania is compulsory. At the lyceum, preschool education begins in the same calendar year when a child turns 6. It may be started earlier by the decision of the parents (guardians), but not for younger than 5- year-old kids (according to the provisions of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports). Preschool-age children are welcome to attend “Vitlio darželis” (Kindergarten).

    During the quarantine period for those isolating or travelling abroad for an extended period, primary school students can learn through a hybrid method. Children who stay at home connect remotely and participate in class activities. The teacher leads the lesson live and, at the same time monitors both groups of children, answers questions, and assigns tasks.
    “Vitlio licėjus” stands out among private schools with its focus on engineering, enhanced sciences, experiments and research, unique events for inventions, STEAM education methodology, and Cambridge International Program.

    How much does it cost for education at “Vitlio licėjus”? Upon starting school, there is a one-time admission fee of EUR 400. The monthly cost of preschool education is EUR 576 (paid for 10 months), and for primary school (grades 1-4), it is also EUR 576 per month (paid for 10 months, and no payment is required during the holidays in July and August). For secondary school (grades 5–8), the monthly cost is EUR 636 (paid for 10 months, and no payment is required during the holidays in July and August). Grades 9-10 the montly cost is EUR 655. After-school care costs EUR 100 per month. Study materials: preschool class – EUR 100 per year, grades 1–9 – EUR 200 per year.

    The cost includes formal education according to the lyceum program, camps during student holidays, educational excursions in Vilnius, events such as Inventors' Night, Inventors' Picnic, and the conference "I Can Be an Inventor!"


    1. After receiving your submitted enrollment form, we will contact you and invite you to an individual interview.
    2. During the first meeting, we will introduce you to the school, and the lyceum tuition trends, educational scheme, and extracurricular activities. You can take your child with you to get acquainted with the school.
    3. If you decide that “Vitlio licėjus” meets your expectations, we will invite you to a second meeting. Seeking to better understand the future student and their needs, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about the child, and the student will take a knowledge test.
    4. Within a week after the meeting, we will contact you and provide information about the student's admission to “Vitlio licėjus”.
    5. We will sign the schooling agreement and welcome you as part of the Vitlis community!


    For more information, contact us by email at

    Engineering education

    We provide students with the opportunity to develop not only general competencies but also engineering competence, helping them understand the changes, problems, and opportunities in the surrounding world and contribute to the shifts in the postmodern world.


    STEAM education direction at “Vitlio licėjus” encompasses natural sciences, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Your child will learn through research, experiments, observations, coding, robotics, entrepreneurship, leadership, and many other modern educational subjects.

    Focused ICT competence development

    We foster computational thinking and the ability to smartly use modern technologies to effectively learn all subjects, acquire the digital literacy necessary for everyone's full-fledged life in the knowledge society, and lay the foundations for international-level competence.

    Cambridge International Program

    During the primary and secondary education stages, we combine a globally recognized teaching program, high-quality support for teachers, and integrated assessment, including Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Levels qualifications, recognized by universities worldwide.

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