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About us

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"Vitlio licėjus“ is the latest innovation-oriented contemporary school with a strong focus on engineering, technology, and the arts. Here, curiosity is acquired, creativity flourishes and the courage to experiment is fostered.


“Vitlio licėjus” is a private school in Vilnius, with campuses in Fabijoniškės and Antakalnis


“Vitlio licėjus” is a response to a rapidly changing world that requires competencies, such as engineering, mathematics, and technology, previously perceived as necessary only for a small, specialized segment of people. However, today these competencies are a necessity for a young person who thinks and wishes to navigate the modern world.


Therefore, our goal is to ensure education that meets the highest standards, with special attention to engineering, technology, and the arts.


Our mission is to educate ambitious, creative and open-minded individuals who can think independently and interpret modern processes, respect cultural differences and want to contribute to the creation of a better and more peaceful world.

In 2023, the Global International Baccalaureate Organization granted us the Candidate Status for a school implementing the Primary School Program of the International Baccalaureate. Following the positive experience of this program, we seek to balance specific subject knowledge, conceptual understanding, and skills in the educational process, as well as provide opportunities to develop the qualities of an International Baccalaureate student profile.


What does Vitlis mean? Vitlis appeared a long time ago when humans first attempted to create what did not exist before. For example, when they thought about constructing a mechanism that would rotate without breaking. And it was a wheel. This is when Vitlis emerged aside from a human. For someone, it resembles an energetic ball of lightning; for others, it is a lively little bird or a fierce storm.


One thing is clear – from that moment Vitlis lives in the heart of every person, their inner child, and as soon as they have an idea to master, acquire some skill or learn something, Vitlis wakes up and gets to work. It assists, experiments, directs thoughts, and generates ideas. Vitlis is a superpower, living and growing within a child. It never abandons and helps to remove mountains.


“Vitlio licėjus” is a network of private schools in Vilnius. One campus is located in Fabijoniškės (Ateities g. 44), and the other is in Antakalnis (Antakalnio g. 54).


Primary school children (grades 0–4) attend Ateities Street Campus.


In Antakalnis, we currently have grades 0–8, however every year, as students embark on their journey at “Vitlio licėjus”, it will be possible to complete all 12 grades here.

"Every child is unique, and the goal of the lyceum is to nurture each child as a personality, to reveal their abilities and enhance them. The direction of education chosen by the Lyceum – engineering, purposeful ICT education of students, STEAM – will make it possible to raise not only educated citizens but also creative children who can think, act and create in an original, efficient and critical way.”
Head of School Jovita Ponomarioviene